Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sculpting the older face

Aging affects the face in far more fundamental ways than just superficial wrinkles. In this video, Sculptor Philippe Faraut makes the changes in soft clay to represent the journey of a typical male face from youth to old age.

When drawing older faces, American illustrator Andrew Loomis advises eliminating surface wrinkles and stating only the main lines and forms: "The impression of age is maintained without the incidental and insignificant wrinkles."


Aaron Becker said...

Incredible film and good point too about the wrinkles. It makes me want to hear an actor talk about how to do it as well on stage, as all too often, people are terrible and "acting" old; seems like the metaphor could hold true there in terms of using the broad shapes and not the insignificant "wrinkles". There's also something horrifying about realizing we're all headed in this direction - gravity does its job.

David Yanchick said...

I'm glad he put a smile on at the end. Growing older shouldn't be a relentless depressing march to the grave, but a journey filled with joy and wonder.